February 17, 2012

Network & Hardware Enginering
Jakarta Raya

  • Working together in teams to build a wired network / wireless
  • Installing and setting server and workstation
  • Perform maintenance on existing infrastructure

  • Man
  • Department of Education D3/S1 Informatics / Electrical / Computer IP at least 2.75
  • Preferred experience building LAN and Wireless Computer Networks
  • Honest, conscientious, diligent and able to work together in teams
  • Placed in Jakarta and willing to be assigned outside the city

Application addressed to the
Head Office:
Gems & Commercial Drying Andayani F/3-5
(Housing Drying Andayani 50F) Surabaya

Website: http://www.myacts.com

           Tel: 031 8475153; Fax: 0318475193

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